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Remember, Reclaim, & Radiate
ALL of who you were BORN to BE.

Are you ready to…..

BREAK FREE from the expectations of the life that you SHOULD be living?

Be FREE to be YOU & stop shrinking yourself to gain a sense of love, acceptance, or belonging?

Unapologetically SPEAK what’s really on your mind?

Experience an INNER confidence, belief, and peace that can’t help but to seep out from your pores, radiating from the inside out?

If yes, click the link below to get my FREE NO BS 6 Step Guide to confidently and boldly Remember, Reclaim, and Radiate ALL of who you were BORN to BE. 

(Psst!) This level of FREEDOM is exactly what I help my clients achieve. 


GET my guide NOW if you desire to:

🌟 Get out of your head & fully embrace & live in the present.

🌟 Bust through the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, small, & in hiding.

🌟 Kick all self-doubt, self-questioning, or lack of self-confidence to the curb.

🌟 Experience inner peace, freedom, & confidence as you show-up & live fully embodied as your whole, authentic self.

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If this sounds like you, I get it, I was there.


I should be happy but instead I feel drained, exhausted, limited, and frustrated by my present reality.

My self-doubt and inner critic are getting in the way of showing up as my authentic self.

I am always doing for others instead of myself.

I am never able to fully enjoy the present moment because I feel like I should be doing something other than what I am actually doing in any given moment.

No one truly gets me and understands how I am feeling.

Nothing I ever do is good enough and it never will be enough.

I feel like I should be doing more.

Others always disappoint and can’t be relied on so I tell myself I can do it all on my own, I don’t need anyone. Yet, I feel so alone.

I question deep down if I am really worthy and deserving of unconditional love.

I tell myself it's impossible to live a life filled with peace, happiness, joy, love, and freedom to protect from feeling the true pain of my present situation.

I wonder why can't anyone just get me, all of me, and see, hear, and understand me for all of who I really am?

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I am here to tell you that I hear you, I see you, and
I understand you, and
you ARE NOT alone.

In fact, I see who you REALLY are
at your essence -

a beautiful, playful,
and joyous soul

whose pure and luminous
light shines bright.

A fierce and powerful warrior

connected to Mother Earth.

A tender and loving heart
full of gold
A power to be reckoned with
that is larger than life. 

Let me help you RECONNECT
back to your heart to
RECLAIM who you REALLY are. 


All of you is welcome and
safe with me.


Hi! I'm Erin. Today is a day to count your lucky stars as I want you to know that you are not alone in this journey called life. I’m here to be of service to YOU, that’s right, YOU – to serve your highest growth and evolution.

I don’t believe in coincidences only aligned miracles and I trust that if you
are reading this, you are here for a reason.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling that you are living a life that is not aligned to the life that you were truly authentically born to live and you are ready to BREAK FREE from the cage – ready to soar into your greatness.  

I get it because I was there. I experienced what it was like to dim my light, to disconnect from myself and to always be taking care of others, to feel what I had to say didn’t matter or wasn’t important, to feel that anything and everything I did was never good enough, to feel this insatiable desire to receive love, acceptance, and approval, and to constantly push down my own thoughts, feelings, and opinions to take care of others and be overly responsible for them.

I am here to tell you that there is more to life than what you’ve been living and you are MORE than your thoughts, beliefs, habits, and stories. 

YES, that's right, I said it! You are only living a fraction of your potential. 

The question is – will you take the next step? Or will you stay asleep in the slumber believing that who you are and who’ve you been told that you are, is REALLY ALL of who you are and ALL that you are meant to be?

I dare to say that you are different from the majority and YOU ARE READY – ready to break free from all that has been keeping you small.

Life’s too short to be unhappy, uncertain, and unfulfilled.

So, take the leap and learn how I can help evolve your soul to its next level!  


The world can no longer wait for you to share yourself FULLY and authentically.

Your time is NOW to WAKE UP and answer the calling of your soul.

Your time is NOW to uncover, deal with, and HEAL the emotional trauma that is ultimately keeping you stuck.

Your time is NOW to live a life life filled with CONFIDENCE, PEACE, JOY, LOVE, and FREEDOM.

Learn how my approach is different.

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Your time is NOW to say YES to all that you are being called to – 


You are beyond deserving of all you desire and MORE.


Get Inspired to Take the Leap

What Clients Have Said

My experience working with Erin has radically changed my life!! She helped me see, feel, and learn how to reconnect with my soul, enabling me to step into my own Divine Power. Erin stayed completely committed to helping me every step of the way as I dug up years and years of suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs about myself. At the end of my sessions, I was able to set healthy boundaries, see my situation from a new perspective, and feel very empowered in my own divine self. Thank you Erin for this Amazing Journey!!

Cyndee Freeman, 50