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Your time is NOW to FREE YOUR SOUL and to live in alignment with your TRUE SELF.
The world can no longer wait for you to share yourself FULLY and AUTHENTICALLY.


About Me

My Path to Radical Transformation

As long as I can remember, I’ve always had a natural ability and passion for connecting with and inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves.
It’s no surprise that my desire to help others led me to a 9 year career
in Human Resources. In 2019, I left the security of my corporate job to
pursue my deeper calling to be of service and to inspire and transform lives.

From the outside looking in, I had a seemingly good life. But, in 2012 my sister’s battle with drug and alcohol addiction was at its worst and the addiction seemed to be winning. It felt as though she was a tornado and we were in her path of destruction – debris flying everywhere. My daily life became pure and utter chaos and my world as I knew it was crumbling around me. In finding the rooms of Al-non – a support group for families of Alcoholics, I came to understand that I was powerless over addiction and it was time to focus on myself.

That day was the start of a beautiful journey of reconnecting back to my authentic self and was the catalyst for my spiritual growth and transformation.

You see, for most of my life, I was “sleep walking”. At some point, I had unconsciously decided it was too painful to feel. So, I disconnected from my feelings and emotions, and hadn’t had a clue what my own wants, desires, and needs were. Instead, I was focused on being an over-achiever and pleasing those around me in order to receive love, validation, and approval. I naturally took on the role of a caretaker and fixer – always putting other’s needs before my own.

At the age of 30, I had everything that I thought I wanted and “should have” in order to be “happy” – I married my high school sweet heart, had a
wonderful home, a six-figure corporate career, and a beautiful baby girl.

As I began to quiet my mind and connect to my heart and soul, I heard HER speaking to me – calling me towards something bigger. As I continued to listen, say YES, show up fully, and trust, my intuition guided me and revealed each next step that I was meant to take in awakening my true self.

These last few years have been a journey of FREEING MY SOUL, specifically through the transformational work, experiences, and teachings of Kute Blackson. All of my life experiences were beautiful lessons and opportunities to prepare me for acknowledging, completely feeling, healing, and releasing past hurt, pains, and trauma in order to have the full capacity to serve and facilitate the same deep, profound, tangible, and transformational shifts in my clients.

Through that immersive and intensive process, I reignited the fire and
passion within
, found my voice, stepped into my power, acknowledged
that I was born for greatness
, made a commitment to myself to stop
playing it small
, and instead consciously made the choice to shine my light
and share my innate wisdom and healing abilities.

What I offer is not just another self-development program that makes you feel good for a limited time and is not something that works only in “theory”. Rather, I was trained, as a learning professional, to focus on sustained behavior change and the impact and results that would take place as a result of the learning.

In working with me, you can expect and will experience real and tangible shifts in your daily life, from your beliefs and attitudes to your mindsets and behaviors.

I am 100% committed to serving your soul. If you are ready to BREAK FREE and live a life filled with joy, freedom, passion, abundance, and deep fulfillment, I invite you to take the next step and book your FREE Badass Activation Chat below.

Your FREEDOM is calling. Will you DARE to answer?


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What Clients Have Said


Before working with Erin, I was working hard on myself but I had stalled doing what I was doing - focusing on improving my habits, trying to motivate & will myself to change, continuing to deny & run from my emotions so I could feel safe. I was looking for answers & for help.

I didn’t believe there was a man inside of me that could meet my own needs, I couldn’t even admit that my needs mattered at all. I had to discover that all the things I ever needed or wanted I could give to myself. It’s big, it’s important, & it’s true.

I discovered there exists within me many 'dark shadows' that cling desperately to limiting beliefs, telling me I have to live up to others expectations to be accepted, that I need to be less than my authentic self to, be loved and to receive approval. The 'shadows' constructed a personality out of a projection of what I thought the world wanted to see.

Erin’s program gave me a spotlight, and when I shine it at that shadow, it reveals a scared child who is just doing what he was taught to do, living the messages he received a long time ago and identified with seeking love.

And I began to understand that he doesn’t need to be defeated, he needs my compassion, love, and acceptance. I am finally beginning to love myself, to feel more complete by welcoming the sadness & shame that I’ve been running from, supporting myself by offering to meet my own needs without judgement, surrendering to the deeper knowing that I am capable, I matter, I am worthy - that’s trusting myself. It’s new, it’s powerful, it’s scary, & it matters. I’m in touch with who I am and I love this person. I am showing up as a better man every day, thanks to Erin and thanks to myself.

Anthony Giannetti


Before we started working together, I felt lost & disconnected from myself. I felt like I no longer knew who I was or what I wanted. All I knew was I didn’t want to feel that way anymore.

Something needed to change. I had just had a baby & was dealing with postpartum depression.

I originally sought out traditional therapy & dreaded every session. We just talked about surface things. And when I tried to talk about deeper issues, the therapist put a nice bow on it within 20 minutes & I felt no different.

I find it almost impossible to express how much & to the extent things have moved & shifted for me. I now understand some of my greatest needs & desires & prioritize me. I know that I am enough as I am. I do enough.

I actively focus on self-care & practice joy & gratefulness daily. I am less obsessed with getting all the things done & consciously practice releasing control.

I can better tune into my emotions & understand how to productively express them. I communicate better with others & without exception.

All of this has allowed me to show up better for my husband, daughter, family, & most importantly, for myself. Today, I have me.

I now realize that this is a journey to self-love, self-trust, self-awareness, & self-confidence. Working with you has provided me with so many tools that I keep in my toolbox & apply daily. THANK YOU.

Melissa Politi


Before I started working with Erin, I was struggling with feeling like I was enough, I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin or believe in myself, I judged myself harshly & thought too much about what other people might think.

I was living in my anxious mind. The anxiety wouldn’t come and go, it would stay, haunting my thoughts and freezing me. I started to feel discouraged about my abilities to perform in my roles & I questioned how I could actually move forward successfully.

Today, I finally feel FREE to BE me!

I feel and see my life better than I have before. I trust & have more patience with myself. I have been speaking up and am present in everything that I do. The anxiety faded away as I am now able to be more present in my moments and pay attention to what I have in front of me, rather than living in my head with thoughts from my ego bouncing around loudly.

I am able to feel the strength of my power and this has allowed me to speak more truth than I ever thought I could. I am prioritizing & taking care of my needs. I am now able to know how to ask myself what I need and not only find the answer, but also give it to myself.

I now know that I am enough. I am no longer in fear of what I do not know. I feel more of who I am and I am proud of myself.

Your purpose has changed my life. Thank you for acknowledging and living in your purpose, Erin.

Sara Victor


My word for the year is TRUST. Trust in myself. For myself. With others. With the Universe. With God. I am being patient with myself and TRUSTING that I am where I need to be.

The amount of compassion and love I have felt and feel for myself and others this year has been something I never knew was possible and this is just the beginning.

Thank YOU. For your work & support. For being the vessel of love, healing, guidance and compassion you gave me this year. With your work, I’ve learned tools with how to notice, acknowledge, and feel feelings, connect deeper with my inner Sammy, see my true self & make the choice to live and act in alignment with my highest self rather than allowing my hurt and scared little boy to guide my actions.

I wanted to think I could just keep chugging through the muck. But, I quickly realized how much pain was underneath the desire to continue to push & forge through. I knew I was truly ready to unearth this part of me. The shadow. The ego. The inner Sammy. The parts I for so long have denied, judged, suppressed and hated.

With the help of your work, I have found an understanding, a sense of compassion and even love for these parts of ME. The parts of me that once served me. The parts of me that I NEVER wanted to associate with.

Most importantly, I am learning to love ALL of myself on such a deep level and learning to give Sammy and me what we need. Your work has had such a powerful impact on my life and I am forever grateful.

Sam Zeff