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Let me help you

Uncover, deal with, and heal the emotional trauma surrounding the root cause of your stuckness.

Coaches are surgeons for the soul.

A great coach will guide you to remove the limiting beliefs and reclaim all parts of you so that you can show up in the world as your authentic, fully expressed, luminous self. 

But transformation can ONLY happen when you realize that NO ONE is coming to save you.

That YOU are the person that you have been waiting for. 

You MUST take radical responsibility for your life. 

In this short YouTube video, I dive into: 

🤯 how to reframe your experience, to see the beauty in the journey that is ultimately a path of your soul’s growth & expansion.

🤯 why staying stuck in your pain isn’t serving you.

🤯 the very decision & belief you MUST make that will catapult you into saying YES to you.

Once you say YES to YOU and commit to the transformation you desire, then & truly ONLY then can I guide your soul to the transformation that it is seeking.
I am merely a channel, a vessel, a guide of the divine, of the Holy Spirit, allowing your soul to guide me to the transformation that desires to take place. 

If you feel the call, answer it 📞.


Your TIME is NOW 🦅.  

I can’t wait to serve your soul! 

How My Approach is Different

Our society is structured in a way that more often than not we have been
taught to treat the symptoms of our illnesses rather than the core underlying
cause of why we are feeling anxious, depressed, angry, and stressed.

Research shows that our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies
are interconnected and that our physical pain on one level is connected
to our suppressed emotions and past hurts, pains, and traumas
that we have not fully dealt with. 

Our body is always communicating with us and at a deeper level, our pain is giving us clues and intel to our unresolved emotional pain.

What I offer is very different from traditional coaching programs
as we dive deep to uncover limiting beliefs, blocks, and
engrained patterns and ways of being that are ultimately keeping
you stuck and preventing you from living your most authentic life.

Through coaching, we’ll uncover the root cause of your inner critic, self-doubt, shame, guilt, emptiness and loneliness, “not-enoughness”, lack of trust, desire to please others, compulsive behavior, conflict avoidance, anger, critical and judgmental behaviors, perfectionism, control, resistance to putting yourself first, anxiety, and depression and work with the deeper core.

As I guide you to acknowledge, feel, move through, release and heal the suppressed emotional pain, hurt, and trauma keeping you stuck, you become capable of sharing all of yourself and living in alignment to your purest essence.

Through this process, you’ll be connected back to your innate sense of worthiness, and the knowing and belief that you are a unique, beautiful, luminous soul that is like no other – there has never been and will never be anyone quite like you.

It’s time to put down your masks and show up for who you REALLY are.
The world is waiting for YOU.

Coaching Philosophy: About
Meditation by the Sea
Image by Jeremy Bishop

As you reconnect to your TRUE self and live fully and unapologetically who you were truly
BORN TO BE not and not who you’ve adapted to be, that is when the true magic happens.

You’ll create a life beyond your wildest expectations – one with PEACE and PRESENCE, unshakeable POWER, and unbounded JOY, ABUNDANCE, LOVE, and FREEDOM.

It all begins with saying YES to the calling to FREE YOUR SOUL.  Your time is NOW.

About Erin

Erin trained as an apprentice in Kute Blackson’s Coach Apprenticeship Program – a selective, rigorous, and immersive year long transformational coaching program that provides participants with powerful facilitation tools and transformational technology to help others shift on deep levels, releasing the layers that no longer serves their highest growth and evolution.

Her pure passion and desire to be of service and to create radical transformation, provides the inspiration and momentum needed to move forward on her path and share her gifts with the world.

Work with Me
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