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Introducing BE YOU - Awaken Your True Essence
A FREE 7 Day Workshop

✖️ Filter out the outside noise.
🧘 Plug into YOU.
🤯 Bust through the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck.
🔥 Show up as the most confident, authentic BADASS you were BORN to BE 🤘.

A FREE transformational, interactive, deep-dive experiential experience. Next date TBD. Be added to the waitlist 👇. 

Hosted via Zoom. Time TBD based on participant availability.

An open invitation for badass go-getters who simply want to be the BEST version of themselves & desire to…

🌟  banish their self-doubt, fear, & ‘not enough’ mindset

🌟 love, trust, & believe in themselves fully

🌟 let go of their people pleasing, perfectionistic, overthinking, self-critical, & self-sabotage tendencies

🌟 unplug from external validation

🌟 BE unapologetically YOU

You don’t want to miss this FREE Workshop hosted by Erin Bogdan!


This is for you if you are ready to.....

Uncover the root cause of your people pleasing, perfectionistic, overthinking & self-sabotage tendencies & SHIFT out of these behaviors.

Bust through the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck, small, & in hiding, ninja warrior style.

Finally get out of your head & connect to your heart so that you can fully embrace & live in the present moment.

Tap into your inherent power, wisdom, worth, & confidence to unearth & show up as the BADASS you were BORN to BE.

Kick all self-doubt, self-criticism, guilt, shame, judgment, & negative self-talk to the curb, once & for all.

Greet yourself with a level of love, trust, compassion, & kindness that you didn’t know was even possible.

Experience inner peace, freedom, & confidence as you show-up, live, & radiate fully embodied as your whole, authentic self.


Through participating in this workshop, you will experience….

OLD FREE Workshop: List

- The 3 KEYS to tap into your AUTHENTIC SELF
- The importance & HOW behind UNPLUGGING from EXTERNAL VALIDATION & how to begin to give yourself what you’ve always been seeking
- How to SHIFT out of being the VICTIM to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life in order to GO AFTER your dreams, desires, & goals
- My TOP TIPS for dealing with & reframing your FEAR of REJECTION & FEAR of FAILURE
- My FOOL PROOF method to GET OUT of your HEAD & CONNECT to your HEART
- My 4-STEP process to BANISH any UNWANTED behavior & believe me, it’s not what you are expecting
- Simply & effective SELF-LOVE practices + my TOP TIPS that will have you undoubtedly loving yourself more fully in no time
- How JOY is the catalyst for all GROWTH & easy, PRACTICAL TIPS on how to incorporate it into your daily life
- TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING processes & experiences designed to bring healing to the parts of you that need it & have been yearning for it most.

Bridge Over River

You NEED this training if....

You are READY to STOP FEELING drained, exhausted, limited, and frustrated by your present reality & ready to START experiencing inner peace, happiness, freedom, & confidence on the daily.

You can HUMBLY admit that you NEED help & are open to being guided through what’s uncomfortable to experience the most confident, authentic YOU.

You are READY for breakthroughs, to look HONESTLY at what’s truly keeping you stuck, & feel a deeper calling, readiness, & willingness to be the BEST version of YOU.


About Erin

Erin trained as an apprentice in Kute Blackson’s Coach Apprenticeship Program – a selective, rigorous, and immersive year long transformational coaching program that provides participants with powerful facilitation tools and transformational technology to help others shift on deep levels, releasing the layers that no longer serves their highest growth and evolution.

Her pure passion and desire to be of service and to create radical transformation, provides the inspiration and momentum needed to move forward on her path and share her gifts with the world.

Erin leverages her training, experience, and Reiki Level II certification, intuition, essential oils, sound, crystals, and oracle cards to create a truly magical  and profound healing experience.

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