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A 9-week Group Journey of
Coming HOME to YOU


OWN your Inherent Power & Worth.

LEAD with your HEART &

BE FREE to BE your Most Confident, Capable, Unapologetic
Authentic YOU!

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Your FREEDOM is calling.
Will you DARE to Answer?

 My coaching has helped dozens of ambitious, unfulfilled high-achievers & people-pleasers ditch their self-doubt & ‘not good enough’ mindset so that they can create a life filled with deep happiness, peace, & freedom.

Are you ready to CLAIM YOUR FREEDOM?!?

Imagine What it Would Feel Like to...

🔥 wake up FEELING ALIVE, ignited with passion & purpose, knowing, trusting, & believing that you are CAPABLE of ANYTHING.

🌟 be CONFIDENT & secure in WHO YOU ARE, loving yourself in a way that you NEVER before imagined was even possible.

💗 allow your HEART to be the leader of your life, boldly moving forward with supreme presence, alignment, clarity, & conviction toward your dreams.

💞Awaken to a LUSCIOUS RELATIONSHIP with yourself that’s filled with self-love, acceptance, belief, and trust and has you feeling deeply seen, valued, and heard.

💆‍♀️ Nourish & take care of yourself, guilt & shame-free, with structures & routines that FEEL so divinely rich & juicy that you begin to wonder where YOU have been your whole life.

🕺 become a ROCKSTAR at pouring into your OWN cup, setting boundaries that preserve your own wellbeing.

🗣️ Speak what’s on your mind without giving a flying f*ck about what other people think and say NO without hesitation!

👊 Say ‘sayonara sucker’ to procrastination, perfectionism, overthinking & other self-sabotage tendencies & claim a full body ‘F*CK YES’ to create an aligned & purpose-driven life. 

💃 unapologetically BE YOU so that you move & express without limitation, fostering deep & intimate relationships with EVERYONE in your life.

🤑 Claim an unshakeable, undeniable sense of your own value and worth, magnetizing money & opportunities to you like a KING/QUEEN


I Know What it Feels Like to...

Feel stuck, lost, confused, and disconnected from yourself, not even recognizing the person staring back at you. 

Be a prisoner to your own mind, constantly overthinking, intellectualizing, psychoanalyzing, future predicting, & replaying scenarios over & over again. 

Have imposter syndrome always screaming in the back of your mind that ‘you’re not good enough, you’re wrong, or you’re a fraud’.

Flex & adapt like a chameleon trying to be everything for everyone else and prioritizing their needs, only to feel sucked dry & lose your authentic voice in the process.

Be on a hamster wheel striving for perfection, feeling incapable, like it’s never ‘good enough’ and worthless as a result.

Be trapped in an endless cycle of negative self-talk, self-judgment, criticism, shame, & guilt, always seeking external validation as a means to feel worthy & enough

Constantly doubt yourself, what you want, & wonder if it’s REALLY possible for you, and as a result continually compare yourself & your life to others always focusing on how you & it never seem to be measuring up. 



You are not alone. In 2017, I had everything that I thought I ever wanted, the career, car, house, and partner, and yet when I
finally paused and reflected, I realized I was deeply unfulfilled.
I felt so exhausted, overwhelmed, and disconnected from myself.


Each day I walked into the doors of my corporate job and felt my soul being sucked right out of me. I felt STUCK and I knew there was MORE to life than the life that I had been living. 

I didn’t realize that for most of my life, I was living for EVERYONE else, suppressing my own wants, desires, and needs. I felt like I was trapped in a box, shrinking myself to fit the mold that my parents & society dictated for me on how I ‘should be’ living.

What I deeply yearned for was FREEDOM, to be lit up, on fire, passionate, & living life with PURPOSE.

That same year, I took a BOLD leap into the unknown, I traveled to Bali with transformational teacher & nationally best-selling author, Kute Blackson, for a 12-day immersive & intensive retreat, and I broke FREE from the shackles.
Today, I FEEL ALIVE and live and SHOW UP FREE to BE ME.

I walked through the fire so that I can guide you and show you the way. I’m not just blowing smoke up your a$$ of what could be possible for your life, I’m a living, breathing, example of what it looks like to embody your most capable, confident, and authentic self.

And that's exactly WHY I created this program for YOU, to make possible the same transformation that I experienced in my life in yours. And let me let you in on a little secret...



So, what are you waiting for?!?!
Your life BEGINS NOW!








Unravel Your Past Conditioning & Awaken To The Truth Of Who You Are – A Child Of God

Week 1: Lay the Foundation to TAKE OFF with Lightning Speed 

-    Define crystal CLEAR intentions to set the tone & frequency for WHAT’S possible for these 9 weeks

-    SHIFT from the VICTIM to the EMPOWERED CREATOR & learn how to take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your
life in order to GO AFTER your dreams, desires, & goals

-    Get radically honest with yourself & connect to your DEEPER WHY so that you can create the change you TRULY desire


Week 2: FINALLY GET OUT of your HEAD & CONNECT to your HEART   

 -    Shift your relationship for ONCE & FOR ALL with your MIND & your THOUGHTS 

-    Break FREE from the constant chatter of your MIND & Negative Self-Talk

-    Strip Away & Release OLD patterns, beliefs, thoughts, & stories 


Week 3: BUST THROUGH the Limiting Beliefs, Past Conditioning & Programming that’s been Keeping you STUCK

-    Create SPACE between Who You’ve BEEN SHOWING UP AS and WHO YOU ARE REALLY 

-    Shine a light on the ROLES that you’ve been playing & the impact your conditioning, & past programming has had on your life 

-    Unleash the LION WITHIN that is READY to ROAR 


Cultivate A Luscious, Safe Relationship With Yourself That’s Got You Seeing You For The First Time



-    Tap into & EXPERIENCE the TRUTH of who you are

-    Greet yourself with a level of love, trust, compassion, & kindness that you didn’t EVEN know was possible 

-    Bring Healing to your INNER CHILD &
re-establish a connection with the part of you that has been seeking attention, love, validation, & approval 


Week 5: Say Sayonara SUCKER to Self-Doubt & Cultivate Self-Trust  


-    KNOW, TRUST, & BELIEVE that you are capable of ANYTHING 

-    LET GO of the need to constantly seek outside counsel & external validation 

-    Establish an unwavering bond & connection with yourself that is based on TRUST & SAFETY so that YOU know YOU will NEVER abandon you


Week 6: Acknowledge, Honor, & Allow your EMOTIONS & Let them BE YOUR GUIDE

-    Free up energetic space and BECOME A CLEAR CHANNEL TO RECEIVE all that you truly desire – love, peace, happiness, & freedom.

-    Create a SAFE container WITHIN yourself to acknowledge & fully feel your suppressed emotions (grief, anger, guilt, & shame) to heal past trauma/wounding with love and grace.

Embody & Radiate Authentically As Your Most Confident, Capable, Authentic Self & Be Free To Be You!

Week 7: Become a Rockstar at POURING into YOU 

-    Align to the truth that YOU have NEEDS and those NEEDS are important

-    Radically TAKE CARE of YOU & set boundaries that preserve your own well being 

-    Create HABITS
 & ROUTINES that stick, ninja warrior style 



Week 8: MAGNETIZE your Heart’s Deepest Desires  


 -    Plug into & EXPERIENCE your inherent worth 

-    Follow your TRUTH, create soul alignment, & learn to follow what feels good 

-    Create a VISION & authentic, aligned goals to move boldly in the direction of your dreams  


Week 9: Celebrate GOOD TIMES,
Come On!!

-    Closing Ceremony & Celebration 

-    Integrating the Journey

-    Creating change that sticks – Integration recommendations to continue to create forward momentum in your life



🗸 2-hour weekly (9) LIVE intimate, deep dive & transformative zoom hot seat group coaching calls to receive real-time coaching, guidance, support, & experience interactive channeled healing processes created with each participant in mind
🗸 Lifetime Access to my self-paced BE FREE to BE YOU 21-day journey which are the BONES of this container & distills my CORE teachings into daily, digestible audios designed to fit into a busy schedule

🗸 Weekly integration assignments consisting of meditations, journal prompts, & reflection questions

🗸 1 90-minute 1:1 session with Erin

🗸 Group support via Telegram to provide accountability, support, & community

🗸 Weekly 30-minute 1:1 peer buddy calls for accountability & support 

🗸 30-day group coaching call check-in for continued support & integration + access to the telegram community up until that time 


🗸 Movie/book recommendations to shift your perspective & support your healing  

🗸 Access to my Reclaim Your Happiness NOW meditation & journal prompt workbook 

🗸 Access to my Awaken the Power Within Panel Event. 4 rockstar panelists came together for 90 minutes to share tips, tools, & best practices that will have you feeling more connected to yourself than ever before


After completing my Becoming Authentically YOU group coaching container, you will Remember, Reclaim, & Radiate as ALL of who you were BORN to BE. 

It's time to come out of HIDING & OWN who you REALLY are at your CORE -
a beautiful, playful,
and joyous soul

whose pure and luminous
light shines bright.

A fierce and powerful warrior
connected to Mother Earth.
A tender and loving heart
full of gold.
A power to be reckoned with
that is larger than life. 

Let me help you COME HOME to YOU & your one & only TRUE identity - a child of God.

Image by Allef Vinicius

How It Works...

Becoming Authentically YOU is a 9-week intimate group coaching container lead by Erin Bogdan. Erin poured her heart & soul into creating a container that would deliver to you the exact profound results, deep healing, & support so many of her clients have desired when beginning their journey of COMING HOME to themselves. 

This container offers the best of EVERYTHING as you not only receive LIVE weekly coaching from Erin, but also community & peer support, as well as self-paced trainings broken down into bite-sized, digestible resources that are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle. 

Beginning the week of September 18th, we will meet LIVE for 2 hours a week, for 9-weeks where participants will receive real-time coaching, guidance, support, & healing activations & processes that will have them own & become their most confident, capable, authentic selves. 

Each week, pre-recorded audios from Erin’s BE FREE to BE YOU self-paced course will be assigned so that you can further integrate the lessons & healing happening each week to provide you with practical teachings, tools, & practices that will further support the embodiment of your transformation

Additional integration assignments, consisting of journal prompts, meditations, reflection questions, movie/book recommendations, will also be provided so that you can LIVE & EMBODY all of who you were BORN to BE. 

Between sessions, you'll have access to an exclusive telegram chat where you can receive support from Erin & your peers as well as weekly peer support & accountability calls ensuring you have an additional personalized space to feel seen, valued, & heard. 

Erin is also gifting you 1 private 90-minute 1:1 coaching session to help further move, heal, release, & let go of what’s moving in your life (this can be redeemed at any point over the 9-weeks). 

All calls will be recorded in case you miss a session and sent to you via email for you to watch at a later time. You’ll get lifetime access to Erin’s self-paced course so that you have the ability to revisit at any time you need!

Get Inspired to Take the Leap


I have always been deeply skeptical of anything that feels like “life coaching.” There’s something about the industry, as a whole, that’s made me feel like it’s just this bullshit healing Ponzi scheme or something.

It was only because someone really important in my life, who’d previously worked with Erin, strongly suggested I send her a DM & that is the only reason why I even considered it. I’m eternally grateful for that push; it has altered the trajectory of my life. 

The kindest thing I can say about Erin is that I genuinely have no idea what she does. Over and over, I’ve gone to sessions and said things I never thought I could say out loud, baffled that I felt safe enough to go there. She has got a real gift for guidance and an intuitive sense of where to go next.


Her presence in my life has felt like nothing short of a miracle.


She pushed me to trust the container that she set and has guided me to shadow-y places in my psyche and life that years of therapy have not taken me to. She pushed me into facing everything I’ve been avoiding, and the things I’ve struggled with for years - workaholism, gender expression, love - have all seemed to surface and dissipate

If that’s not a testimony of the magic of Erin’s work, I’m not sure what is. Erin has absolutely converted the skeptic in me, and I’d whole-heartedly suggest her coaching to anyone who already feels like they’ve tried it all.


Like the ideas and visions are present, but something is holding you back from bringing them to life. If you’re open to the work, it’ll be one of the hardest, most confusing, and simultaneously most freeing things you’ve ever done.


If you feel the call, answer it. Trust the converted skeptic in me.

Kate Ward


Before I started working with Erin, I was at a plateau. I was very closed off, paralyzed by fear. 

My biggest struggles & challenges were being my true, authentic self: trusting my choices & decisions within, comparing myself to others & being hard on myself, & overall, just not loving all parts that made me, me

Erin’s coaching container was a lifesaver & true life changer. 

My whole outlook is more positive. I’m living more in the present moment.  I know my worth. I took my power bacak and am living for me. I love myself more & have been taking care of me. 

What I liked most was connecting with my inner child & becoming whole again. I remembered what it felt like to feel trust within myself & not feel so disconnected. I even felt some deep emotions & cried, and I haven’t cried in years. 

It was a profound & beautiful experience. I am truly grateful for us connecting & me taking the leap of faith to trust you & the process. You have helped me through so much. 

If you are considering working with Erin, know this is a life-changing opportunity. 

Don’t let your fear hold you back if you are being CALLED to something MORE.

 Erin, thank you for your service & all that you do. 

Greg Procopio


Before working with Erin, I felt really stuck with where I was in life.

My life revolved around work, tending to my mom’s needs, & taking care of a house that was too much to handle. I struggled with even recognizing my own needs. Putting them at the bottom of my to-do. 

Every session was a deep dive into the nooks & crannies where the sadness, anger, fear of abandonment, & guilt lived. Where all of the responsibilities I had given myself fulfilled some kind of love I was seeking outside myself. 

I came to learn that even though I did not have my needs met in the way I needed them,I now have the power & the choice to fulfill them myself. The power to heal the part of me that was seeking love from everyone but myself. I have always had that power & it was about time that I remembered I am truly the only one responsible for living my life.

Thanks to my work with Erin, the connection with myself that was cultivated has been so nourishing & healing to my 💗 & soul. 


Today, I have me:

I am unapologetically myself, remembering my power, listening to my inner knowing, loving myself unconditionally & giving myself grace

I now have better boundaries. Protecting my energy & goals. Sticking to the plans I have made for my future & respectfully putting down the responsibilities that are not mine to manage. I can actually live my life without the constant worry of displeasing someone. 

I have created better practices of slowing down, resting, pausing & listening.  I have an overall higher level of gratitude for everything that is & can simultaneously be in the discomfort of a situation & experience inner peace. As I continue to slow down, my intuition is that much more attuned to the flow of life. 

I am excited to continue this path forward with the tools cultivated during our time together.

Every day is a new chance to continue the process of feeling & healing.


Erin, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Maddie Wilson



🗸 has the courage to leave her unfulfilling cushy corporate 9-5 job to pursue her happiness & deep soul-purpose & calling.

🗸 supports others' deep healing by overcoming her own abandonment wounds from being raised in a co-dependent family system riddled with addiction that left her feeling at times not enough, not safe, & unloved.

🗸 has dove deep into the suppressed pain, trauma, & heartbreak that she unconsciously shoved in a box, with lock & key, acknowledging, feeling, releasing, & healing it to become a clear channel to invite in her heart's deepest desires.

🗸 busted through her limiting beliefs & childhood programming learning how to rewrite the script & become a potent creator of her divine & juicy reality.


🗸 has gone through an intensive & rigorous year-long coach apprenticeship training that provided powerful transformational tools to facilitate the same deep, profound, and tangible shifts in her clients that she herself experienced.

🗸 knows how to hold divine sacred space acting as a channel, vessel, & guide for deep and lasting transformation.

🗸 is a multi-dimensional soul priestess & energy healer that is so tuned into her intuitive wisdom, gifts, & abilities she creates magic in her coaching sessions.

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