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What would it feel like to

Let me help you LIVE A LIFE filled with CONFIDENCE, PEACE, JOY, LOVE, and FREEDOM.

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Are you....

Looking to shift and bust through old patterns of behaviors, blocks, and limiting beliefs, and fears that are getting in the way of living the life you were born to live?

Ready to break free of your inner critic and the expectations that have been placed on you and stop doubting and questioning your greatness?

Longing for connection, belonging, closeness, and love and finding yourself seeking it externally rather than cultivating it from within?

Ready to let love in fully, to reclaim and stand in your power, to boldly and confidently speak your truth, and unapologetically connect back to and own ALL of who you authentically are?

Tired of people pleasing and always prioritizing others’ needs instead of your own?

Constantly pre-occupied in your head and find it challenging to be fully present in any given moment, always rationalizing, analyzing, rehashing, or escaping your present reality?

Results You Can Expect

My 1:1 Authentically You Coaching Container is Designed to have you –

Claim an unshakeable, undeniable sense of your own value and worth to liberate yourself from the ‘do-do-do’ mentality in an attempt to feel valued and loved and finally give yourself full permission to SIMPLY BE with no agenda.

Unapologetically nourish & take care of yourself, guilt & shame free, with structures & routines that FEEL so divinely rich & juicy that you begin to wonder where YOU have been your whole life.

Break free from the web of thoughts that keep you anxious, overwhelmed, & a prisoner to your own mind and return home to heart to become so supremely PRESENT in everything that you do.

Awaken to a luscious relationship with yourself that’s filled with self-love, acceptance, and trust and has you feeling deeply seen, valued, and heard.

Shake off the burden of others’ expectations of you and shift into a confident badass that boldly moves forward with 100% confidence, clarity, & conviction in yourself to create an aligned & purpose-driven life.

Speak what’s on your mind without giving a flying f*ck about what other people think and become a rockstar who feels safe to prioritize your own wants and needs, set boundaries that preserve your own wellbeing, and say NO without hesitation!

Say ‘sayonara sucker’ to the self-sabotaging behaviors, perfectionism, & need for external validation keeping you stuck and claim a full body ‘F*CK YES’ to create a life filled with peace, happiness, & freedom.

Confidently release yourself from the endless cycle of not enoughness, shame, self-hatred, and criticism to know you are deeply worthy and deserving of all that you desire and more.

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Become aware of the negative self-talk inside your head and quiet down the toxic voice that spews thoughts of shame, criticism, and guilt to create space for your authentic self to come forward and live unapologetically.

Impact: Reprogram childhood and socially imposed beliefs that are keeping you small and replace them with new, empowering beliefs that will support a powerful, more confident you in everything you decide to take on in your day-to-day life.


Discover how to give yourself the love, validation, and approval you have been seeking from external sources. You'll learn how to put your needs first without feeling guilty, deeply nourish and care for yourself, and set clear boundaries.

Impact: Establish an unbreakable bond with yourself that's based on deep trust and safety, knowing that you will never abandon yourself.



Let go of the emotional baggage and overwhelm you have been holding onto for decades and create a safe container within yourself to acknowledge and fully feel your suppressed emotions to heal the past trauma with love and grace.

Impact: Your present reality is a mirror of your subconscious beliefs
and in this program, you will find out how to break the old patterns and stop recreating anxiety-ridden scenarios where you feel like you're not worth your desires or that you will be abandoned. Free up energetic space and become a clear channel to receive all that you truly desire – passion, peace, love, happiness, & freedom.


Live in alignment with deep integrity, feeling supremely safe to speak, act, and radiate who you truly are without any fears of being judged.

Impact: You are now on the path towards boldly pursuing your core passions and purpose.
You no longer shape-shift to please those around you or compromise your values and wishes to avoid making waves. You become UNSTOPPABLE. And you radiate that inner confidence visually in your appearance, feeling comfortable in your own skin like never before.

Image by Poppie Pack

About the Authentically You Coaching Program

My intention is for you to experience radical transformation. Such results require not only a
deep commitment on your part but also an intensive process that allows for any suppressed emotions and experiences to be revealed and come to the surface,
and to be released, healed, and integrated.


We’ll work together one-on-one for 6 weeks, peeling back the layers of the onion, exploring the layers of your conditioning, and ultimately healing the deep rooted underlying issues that are impacting your ability to move forward and preventing you from creating the life you truly desire.

Each session lasts 60 - 90 minutes and homework is assigned to
integrate the lessons, learnings, and insights from each session into your daily life
so that real, practical and tangible change occurs as a result.


During coaching, we’ll identify, explore, and awaken aspects of your authentic self that you have denied – getting you back in touch with your own wants, desires, and needs.

As you peel back these layers and reconnect to your true self, and live fully and
unapologetically who you were truly born to be
not and not who you’ve adapted to be,
you’ll be freer to be all of who you are.


From this place, you'll open yourself up to the infinite abundance and possibilities that await you, creating the life that you REALLY want.

We are all unique souls and there is no one person on this planet that has had the same experiences from birth to the present moment. Because everyone’s needs are vastly different,
what I offer is not a one size fits all program.


Rather, the program is designed to meet each client exactly where they are at and is tailored to their specific needs. I have a profound trust in the process and it never ceases to amaze me that whatever is ready to be healed at the time shows up to be worked through.

In working with me, you’ll experience a shift in your beliefs, attitudes, mindsets, and behaviors and create an aligned & purpose-driven life. 

You’ll not only have a greater understanding and awareness of your limiting beliefs and
the self-sabotaging mechanisms that keep you stuck, but also will be provided with
tangible actions and tactics to manage them, keep them at bay, and loosen their grip on you
so that you can embody, be, and live more of what you ultimately desire.

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Why Work with Me?

The reality is that if you really want something – you would already have it – so the question becomes, what is the deeper block? Let’s find out.

Image by Jian Xhin

I am here to serve your soul 
on a deep and profound level.

What I offer is very different from traditional coaching programs. We’ll dive deep to uncover the ingrained patterns, limiting beliefs, and ways of being that are ultimately keeping you stuck and preventing you from living in alignment to your purest essence and most authentic self.


We are trained and conditioned from birth to be someone we are not.

You see, as we go through life, we receive messages from external sources such as our family, school, society, media, coaches/mentors, etc. about who we are and who we are suppose to be. We eventually internalize these messages as “truths”.

Throughout our lifetime, we adopt roles, personas, masks, and identities to unconsciously live in accordance with these “truths” in order to receive love, approval, validation, and a sense of acceptance and belonging.

Unbeknownst to us, we become locked into these identifies and these very identifies become who we are – a contracted and limited version of our true self, not fully expressed and no longer free.

Is this ringing any bells yet?!?! Perhaps you’ve played one, some, or many of the following roles – the caretaker, the people pleaser, the perfect one, the overachiever, the fixer, the giver, the rebel. The list my friend goes on and on.


It’s time to boldly and courageously answer the calling to FREE your soul.

The question is – will you take the next step? Or will you stay asleep in the slumber believing that who you are and who’ve you been told that you are, is REALLY who you AUTHENTICALLY are and ALL that you are meant to be?

If you are reading this, I dare to say that you are different from the majority and YOU ARE READY ready to break free from all that has been
weighing you down.

The world can no longer wait for you to share yourself FULLY and authentically.

Your time is NOW to FREE YOUR SOUL.

I invite you to take the next step and get in touch. I look forward to serving your soul’s deeper calling to grow, evolve, and transform profoundly to its next level.​

Work With Me: Services
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